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@killingspeerx In a way it's an inside joke. If you've heard any of H20Delerious's stuff on youtube, whether on his channel or VanossGaming etc. That's how he sounds. If i'm not mistaken, that's his actual voice doing the lines, so... not sure why he wasn't credited tbh. If not, that's a REALLY good impression. lol

About the animation, good work! Loved the fluid work~

DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it

Also... I assumed that if i wrote that this cartoon was made for him especially plus his name is in the title it'd be pretty obvious without voice credit - but since the voice credit thing popped out a few times before i guess i assumed wrong. Updated the description

Animation was fine, but as a player of the game a few things bugged me as far as 'accuracy' goes. I get it's supposed to be a comedy, but not only did she use a green vision ward to... see non-invisible units recalling(?) You can see what a green ward can, so she should've seen those enemy champs. That, and there were four of them, yet she got a pentakill? I'm pretty sure placing a ward doesn't do damage either, so not sure how that killed the Baron (and her team seemed upset that she got the 300 bonus gold? If you're at the point in the game where you can get baron, the 300 bonus gold doesn't mean anything.)

Cute, but for some reason those things bugged me more than they should. :I

Ugh. I know this pain ALL too well... Did you make this for me? I'm pretty sure you did, because these are the BANE of my MH4U existence...

lol good job on the flash, mate! :3 Moar!

TerminalMontage responds:

I dedicate this animation to NekoStar.

Thanks! :D

The Miyazaki inspiration is blatantly obvious here. That's not a bad thing at all, as you have created some bright, colorful, and fluid animation! However, the plot and visuals seem based on 'Princess Mononoke' pretty heavily. It wanders further from 'inspiration' and closer to 'blatant copy.' Again, your animation skills are extremely good, I just wonder about the finished plot.

Great stuff! Randomly browsing front page and figured this would be a short animation. After a while, I was pleasantly surprised to find it's nearly half an hour! (A compiled series of web shorts, I see) Haha! The work that must have gone into this... Glad I watched! Very cool, and worth the view for sure! As a fan of the shows that inspired the look, I enjoyed the visuals. Well done.

One thing that was bugging me: The song at 21:08. I can't seem to find it in the credits. Is it one of David Saunders' songs done specifically for this animation? Will it ever be available for download or something?

I feel like this would have been better with... uhhh a voice that didn't sound like you weren't trying to wake your parents. Emoting when voice acting can really carry a production to higher standards! However, the animation, while basic, was well done. I hope you stick with it, and maybe take a swing at practicing with your voice a bit more. :3

It's kinda depressing how like my life each one of these videos is. Like your last video with making friends, I had that same cringey moment where I saw the people with my similar interests, and shuddered at the prospect of getting to know them. Just keeping my head down, and trying to get that animation degree so I can get out. XD

Nice work with these. If I had something to suggest, it'd be investing in a proper mic. An At2020 with a pop filter will carry you so far, you'll wonder why you did anything else. XD Keep it up!

This was really great! An expected production from anyone from CalArts *Jealous he sin't going there now.* The ONLY thing I would fix, is the recording quality. A pop filter can do wonders, my friend! :3 Other than that, it's original, colorful, entrancing, and everything a 'front page' entry SHOULD be. Well done!

As a veteran on NG, It's nice to see quality stuff like this on the front page again. It's quite rare to see, and I'm glad there's still original and entertaining stuff out there. :) Great work!

Pegbarians responds:


Hooray for the dog sprites from "Rockin' Kats"!!

Animator, Voice actor and illustrator. Yay?

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