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@killingspeerx In a way it's an inside joke. If you've heard any of H20Delerious's stuff on youtube, whether on his channel or VanossGaming etc. That's how he sounds. If i'm not mistaken, that's his actual voice doing the lines, so... not sure why he wasn't credited tbh. If not, that's a REALLY good impression. lol

About the animation, good work! Loved the fluid work~

DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it

Also... I assumed that if i wrote that this cartoon was made for him especially plus his name is in the title it'd be pretty obvious without voice credit - but since the voice credit thing popped out a few times before i guess i assumed wrong. Updated the description

Animation was fine, but as a player of the game a few things bugged me as far as 'accuracy' goes. I get it's supposed to be a comedy, but not only did she use a green vision ward to... see non-invisible units recalling(?) You can see what a green ward can, so she should've seen those enemy champs. That, and there were four of them, yet she got a pentakill? I'm pretty sure placing a ward doesn't do damage either, so not sure how that killed the Baron (and her team seemed upset that she got the 300 bonus gold? If you're at the point in the game where you can get baron, the 300 bonus gold doesn't mean anything.)

Cute, but for some reason those things bugged me more than they should. :I

Ugh. I know this pain ALL too well... Did you make this for me? I'm pretty sure you did, because these are the BANE of my MH4U existence...

lol good job on the flash, mate! :3 Moar!

TerminalMontage responds:

I dedicate this animation to NekoStar.

Thanks! :D

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It's fun, and can be a lil addicting, but it's not too long before I get bored and wonder why i'm playing this and not League of Legends. XD

fruge86 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to play it and rate it.
It's just the first attempt with flash coding.


Feckin awesome d00d! Bout damn time you finished it! Haha! I hope it withstands the barrage of ignorant 8 year old newgrounds fanatics... XD

TerdBurgler responds:

Tell me about it! I get all these people ranting about how it's "unnoriginal." Dude's it's F'in PORN!


idunno about the other fags, but i thought this was a good game, very addicting, and yes..i beat it ^^ I guess that makes me appreciate it more. it must've been hard to make, good job on this!

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Very cute! It never hurts to practice expressions n such. :3

Animator, Voice actor and illustrator. Yay?

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