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@killingspeerx In a way it's an inside joke. If you've heard any of H20Delerious's stuff on youtube, whether on his channel or VanossGaming etc. That's how he sounds. If i'm not mistaken, that's his actual voice doing the lines, so... not sure why he wasn't credited tbh. If not, that's a REALLY good impression. lol

About the animation, good work! Loved the fluid work~

DuDuL responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it

Also... I assumed that if i wrote that this cartoon was made for him especially plus his name is in the title it'd be pretty obvious without voice credit - but since the voice credit thing popped out a few times before i guess i assumed wrong. Updated the description

Ugh. I know this pain ALL too well... Did you make this for me? I'm pretty sure you did, because these are the BANE of my MH4U existence...

lol good job on the flash, mate! :3 Moar!

TerminalMontage responds:

I dedicate this animation to NekoStar.

Thanks! :D

As a veteran on NG, It's nice to see quality stuff like this on the front page again. It's quite rare to see, and I'm glad there's still original and entertaining stuff out there. :) Great work!

Pegbarians responds:



I think it was pretty awesome! Granted, it was a voice test, so the animation wasn't the main focus, but it still gave people something to look at while listening to the voice acting test! :D

ishida1694 responds:

hootsen mago :D


I giff you 4. and exchange it for.... 0.04 points. then i giff you 6 starz. haff funnz.

spanio responds:

Thanks for the support.


dude, that brought me back to a time in which Ren and Stimpy ruled the television, and me muther, was always tellin me not to watch it when she saw stimpy peel off a giants toenail, and the pus flew everywhere,...so yeah..it was still good back then though...but i can't find it again...sad face..

mumbla responds:

buy the dvds


I loathe you....u wretched person you....this cartoon looks EXACTLY like mine,(graphic-wise) but the story is really good. so's the whole cartoon....but ur animation style looks exactly as mine does...on top of that, mine was a christmas cartoon, and now it's late, so i'm left with the dilemma of doing it as a NOT x-mas cartoon, or submitting it anyways, and on top of that, people will think i copied you, or we're the same person...i have nothing against ur cartoon, or you, but this just suxx.....

gene-goldstein responds:

I'm sorry...:(

Animator, Voice actor and illustrator. Yay?

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