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I'm sorry, but I cannot rant positively enough about your work, i've seen them a long time ago, like when they first came out to newgrounds, and watched them over and over, but it's only now that I decided to say, thank you. That was perfect.

aww man

dude you have some really good talent!

not bad

I liked the pictures, but it needs to be longer, make a couple of short episodes, and that can rock, man!

Dude, yes!

ok, you just can't beat Knox, when it comes to comedy..make a million more of these...a million!!! and catch that spiderman, or you're fired!...sorry..


I loathe you....u wretched person you....this cartoon looks EXACTLY like mine,(graphic-wise) but the story is really good. so's the whole cartoon....but ur animation style looks exactly as mine does...on top of that, mine was a christmas cartoon, and now it's late, so i'm left with the dilemma of doing it as a NOT x-mas cartoon, or submitting it anyways, and on top of that, people will think i copied you, or we're the same person...i have nothing against ur cartoon, or you, but this just suxx.....

gene-goldstein responds:

I'm sorry...:(


This is definately one of my favorites now. You should consider making more, lol I love the anime style flash..you don't see too much really good ones out there, but yours made it! =3


This is probly one of the best..hey u maede it to my top list! i think it well deserved 1st place! but i think it would be good, if u did an episode thing goin on..and at the beginning a setting letting you chose for either american..er american captions..er w/e language!

This was Great!

dude i saw this with low expectations, and came out thinking it was indeed..one of the best! I still can't beleive it was a disney animator who did this! agreeing with the last post, I think this would be a kick butt series. Heck but not a grudge to any of you other flash artists out there.. i still cant get my flash to work!

WoW! how do you come up with it?

This is one of the funniest flash movies yet. well, that i've seen.
Good luck on your next one. Make it soon!
I like how Ark just lives in his own little world hehehe.
oh well.. anyways, keep up the funny!

One of the greatest out there.

hey! you guys keep at it! I'm STILL waiting for 3.3 to come out...I hope it's soon.

Animator, Voice actor and illustrator. Yay?

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